Prime Minister visited Karon market and vowed to cut down inflation


After opening and meeting with Democrat Party members at Merlin Beach Resort in Patong area last Saturday, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva visited a local market in the Karon area to tape part of his weekly television show, ‘Confident in Thailand with Prime Minister Abhisit’. Arriving at the market ‘Mae Somjit’ fresh market, he was received by a large crowd who gave out flowers and scrambled to meet with him. The television show then began with Prime Minister walking along the stalls with a host from NBT TV Phuket crew, Patamaporn Rattanadilok Na Phuket, who managed to talk with him about inflation, government scheme in consumer protection including goods and egg prices, to cut down the cost of living.

The prime minister insisted that the government is coming up with measures to combat inflation and cut down spending and increase people’s income. The program was aired on August 1st with national coverage by NBT station.

‘Mae Somjit market’ is the only registered fresh market in Karon area. It’s a medium size market with around 70 stalls of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetable, ready made food and local snacks.

(Andaman News, NBT TV Phuket, most Fridays at 8.30-9am)


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