Press conference held for 8th Phuket Games

Press conference held for 8th Phuket Games

Press conference held for 8th Phuket Games A press conference on the 8th Phuket Games was held recently at the Pearl Hotel Phuket. The conference was chaired by Phuket Governor – Maitri Inthusut, PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising, Council Member and President of Phuket Sports Association – Saroj Angkanapilas, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Physical Education – Chanwit Polchiwin, Director of Sports Office – Wiwat Suklimnirun, Phuket City Mayor – Somjai Suwannasupapana, and Santi Pawai from Phuket Tourism and Sports Office. The conference was attended by officers from local administration offices, government agencies, local senior citizen clubs, and the media.

Press conference held for 8th Phuket Games The press was told that the 8th Phuket Games (Senior Games), initiated by the Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and hosted by Phuket province, will take place on July 23rd – 25th 2014, and features nine sports, namely track and field, golf, badminton, petanque, ballroom dancing, woodball, Thai chess, karaoke singing and Muai Thai aerobic. The Games logo would be a torch-holding clown fish (Nemo) riding on waves. The fish signifies the abundance of Phuket’s resources, while the waves represent unity among sportspersons from every Thai province. The Games also revert to using the old spelling used in the word “Phuket,” which employed the consonant “Jor” instead of “Tor.”

Press conference held for 8th Phuket Games Mr Paiboon thanked the Ministry for allowing Phuket to host the games, which are participated by senior sportspersons nationwide. With the support from all agencies concerned, Phuket he said is ready and well equip to host the event, which will be participated by over 3,000 sportspersons. Furthermore, Phuket has one of the most-subscribed senior clubs in the country. He also informed the press that PPAO, the main funding body, has allocated 1.5 M baht for the organization of the event.

Press conference held for 8th Phuket Games Governor Maitri said he believed that the Games would speak volume about the enthusiasm of the province where sports are concerned. As the regular host for many sports events including youth games, senior games, international games, King’s Cup Regatta, Triathlon, etc, Phuket is more than ready to welcome senior sportspersons for the upcoming event. The governor expected that there would be a cash flow of more than 20 M baht during this time.

Press conference held for 8th Phuket Games Mr Santi Pawai said that Phuket is well equipped in the area of accommodation, venues, traffic control and security. Organizations concerned are working hard to pave ways for the smooth running of the Games including its opening and closing ceremonies. He believed all sportspersons would be looked after well and would enjoy their times here.

Mr Saroj said that Phuket now waits to welcome all sportspersons for the 8th Phuket Games.


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