PPAO raise up Muslim women, support them for self developing and life efficiency

23 September 2009 – The President of PPAO Paiboon Upattising presided over a project of Muslim self developing and life efficiency.

Vice President of PPAO Soratham Jinda, The President of PPAO Council Pradit Saengchan, Counselor to the president Jirasak Torthip, Chairman of the Islamic Committee of Phuket Bamroong Sampaorat, PPAO officers, and more than 300 related persons participated in at Pearl Hotel, Phuket.

The main purpose of this project is pointed to support Phuket Muslim women for self developing and life efficiency, increase strength in their communities.

“To push forward social movement these days, we need the cooperation from every section. Women are one of significant groups helping any developments in Phuket. Without them, how can we create strength in society?” said Paiboon.

There are many interesting activities in that day, those include reading the Koran, group seminar by Walapa Neelapaijit and Raviwan Sensom, and gave a speech self developing by Saman Ngan-kanong.


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