PPAO get ready to celebrate Thai Mother’s Day in Phuket

As all Thai people know, August 12th in Thailand is Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday. As she is considered to be mother to all Thais, this day is also celebrated as Mother’s day.

For PPAO, Soratham Jinda (Vice President of PPAO) presided over the meeting of the preparing for Mother’s Day celebration in Phuket at PPAO’s meeting room.

The main purpose of holding up the celebration is lead to praise and give awards to mothers in Phuket.

As a tribute to Her Majesty’s boundless contributions for the happiness of the entire population and the prosperity of the nation as a whole, August 12 is now a public holiday. We join all loyal and devoted subjects of the kingdom in wishing Her Majesty the Queen a long life of good health and happiness.


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