PPAO and Wichit Municipality hosts Or Bor Jor Sanjorn Fair

PPAOOn July 30th 2011 at 10.00 a.m. Mr.Paiboon Upatising, the President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization or PPAO presided over the opening of Or Bor Tor Sanjorn Fair held in association with Wichit Municpality.

The fair was held in the area of Siphuwanart Park opposite Laem Chan Health Center. There were a lot of the staff of PPAO and Wichit Municipality and related sectors attended the fair.

PPAOMr.Paiboon said that ‘On the behalf of PPAO, I am glad to host this fair to promote healthy lives among Phuket residents. This fair is held by the assistance of Wichit Municipality. Most of the activities in the fair are health promoting activities. Besides, there are entertaining activities and the public hearing on the problems and the suggestions to make the better living on the island on the stage as well. Finally I would like to thank PPAO and Wichit Municipality staff who are behind this event. I hope that there will be the good events like this again in the future”. As mentioned above that the fair was held to promote healthy living among people in Phuket, there were a lot of booths promoting healthy life in the fair.

PPAOThe residents got free medical check up and medical advice from the staff of PPAO Hospital, Wachira Phuket Hospital, and Laem Chun Health Center. Muang Phuket District Office provided the ID card registeration for the children in the area. Phuket Technical College gave free motorbike and electrical appliance maintenance service in the fair. Phuket Transportation Office educated people on car insurance and car act. Alternative career training was provided by Phuket Vocational College. The free hair cut was provided by Somsak Salon. Besided PPAO provided health exhibition and mobile library in the fair as well.


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