Politic crisis not affecting investment in upper southern region

Wanida Maikijmou, Director, Regional Investment and Economic Center 6 (Surat Thani) for the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), reported the overview of investment in the upper southern region of Thailand in the first quarter of 2010. She said that the BOI had supported investment privileges for projects twice the size of last year. It’s indicated that the investment in the upper southern region was expanding continuously in the recovery since the world economic recession and political crisis in Thailand.

From January – March 2010, BOI had supported investments for 18 projects worth 6,000 million baht. The investment this year was 2-3 times higher than last year when there were only 8 investment projects worth 2,000 million baht that had been supported by BOI in first quarter of 2009. Wanida said that most of the projects this year were about agricultural  products like palm or rubber trees and the tourism industry. She also predicted  that the investment in the second quarter of this year would continuously expand since there were over 20 projects asking for investment support from BOI, with each of these projects worth 600 – 700 million baht.

But the political problems in Bangkok might slow down the investors to establish their projects in Thailand. Yet BOI is confident that the investment rate of this year would be higher than last year. It’s estimated that there would be 60 projects approved for investment support, worth 20,000 million baht.


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