Pink Po Tongs run in place of PPAO’s existing air conditioning buses

President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation, Mr Paiboon Upattising come back with new local buses for Phuket. 8 from totally 16 PPAO’s newly built traditional buses (called “Po Tong” or “Song Taew” by locals) started to run for servicing for the first time on September 14. The rest will be sent out from the garage about 2 months from this.

“The new buses will come in place of those creaky buses and are supposed to supply the exceeding demand. Now there two bus lines providing Phuket community service from Super Cheap Phuket to See-Moom-Muang Market (near Phuket Villa 3) and from Tesco Lotus to Laem-Chan public health centre. The fair is free for students and costs 10 baht along the route for the others,” said Paiboon.


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