Phuket’s OTOP total sales are expected to grow more than forecast

16 September 2009 -OTOP responsible officer, Mr Pratuang Nipatra said in the fortnightly “Governor Meets Press” at City Hall that Phuket Provincial Office of Community Development is sponsored by Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation to hold oversea OTOP roadshows in six cities of neighbouring countries. Those are Kunming of China, Taipei of Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Jilin and Nanning of China respectively.

Five of them has completed but the last in “The 6th Nanning China Expo” is going to be held during October 20-26.

“The roadshows benefits our OTOP entrepreneurs as it provides them an opportunity for trade negotiations to export their products to oversea markets. As well, successful negotiations lead to more sales, more revenues and better money circulation,” added Pratuang.

Phuket appointed a committee to help improve and develop our products to meet the international standard and to have alternative capital sources in the capital market. Many projects are planned in order to achieve that such as a packaging development training project which will be arranged by on coming October 6-8.

In the year 2009, Phuket Provincial Office of Community Development believes the total sales will break through 680 millions baht and even reach 6-7 millions baht more than forecast after the roadshow in Nanning next two months.


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