Phuket’s Governor shows worries over environmental problems

Phuket’s Governor Vichai Praisa-ngob in the first press conference of the year 2010 which was held yesterday (4 Jan), further than report the conclusion of the sea and road safety accident reduction and prevention campaign during the long holiday, talked about his accomplishment thought 8 months in duty and expressed his thanks for everyone’s support and good cooperation.

Governor Vichai said in the past year many problems have been solved and some projects such as jet ski registration, airport expansion, new Sarasin bridge, Thalang Victory historical garden construction project, scout camp improvement projects etc. are during the execution stage.

“We are also finding the solution for traffic problems. The 600-metre connecting road between Sakdidetch Rd. and Rattanakosin 200 Pee Rd. project is obstructed by the laws. For the new Airport – Phuket town road construction project, concerning agencies are working on negotiations with local landowners.” said Phuket’s Governor.

He also showed worries over environmental problems since it is very difficult for the police and government to catch and punish lawbreakers.

Drug is another area of concern for Phuket. He has ordered related agencies to continue on drug suppression efforts.


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  • " it is very difficult for the police and government to catch and punish lawbreakers."

    Of course Governor it is. And that won't change until your police takes their hands out of the pockets of the law-breakers and start doing their jobs! Stop your police from taking tea money on fictitious charges from drivers and put them to work in traffic. At every street and road crossing they can catch law breakers at every redlight sequence. And vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road. And start dealing with the thugs on the tuktuks before they have scared all tourists away! They are a disgrace to Thailand and it is a disgrace to Phuket that they are allowed (not least by your police) to continue their scams and crimes!


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