Phuket Transportation Office provides online driving license forms to save time

phuket driving license

Kanok Siripanichakorn, Head of Phuket Transportation Office (PTO), said that PTO is now providing an online application for people who want to get a 5 year driving license. Everyday, there are about 400 people coming to the PTO and it takes a long time to queue for  registration. This online service would help to reduce number of people coming to register to get a driving license at PTO and of course make PTO’s atmosphere not so busy and crowded. The users could also get easier and faster service online. Phuket is considered the first to open such facilities to the people.

The online service is provided at and first form on /from_1.php and more on (in Thai language only but foreigners can use to roughly translate and some of form is in English for any nationality to apply). People could enter the site, fill in a registration form to apply for a driving license, print the form(s) out, bring required documents and bring them to PTO by 9.30 a.m. any working day. The printed out registration form is valid for 7 days.


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