Phuket training Natural Resources & Environment Volunteers

Phuket training Natural Resources & Environment Volunteers

Phuket training Natural Resources & Environment VolunteersPPAO Chief Executive Paiboon Upattising recently presided over the opening of a training and field study project for Phuket Natural Resources Conservation Volunteers. He was joined by PPAO Chief Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, PPAO Council Members– Guntapat Pisitkunanon & Chusak Sematrakul, Director of Engineering Division – Wasana Sriwilai, PPAO officers, and guests.

Phuket training Natural Resources & Environment VolunteersThe project, taking place from December 2nd -8th 2013, comprises of 134 participants made up of officers from Phuket Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Phuket Natural Resources and Environment Volunteers (Tor SorMor), PPAO officers and staff. The project features one day environment management training, and field trips to Samut Songkram, Nontaburi, Rayong and Petchburi provinces lasting seven days. The aim of the project is to develop efficiency of the operations of the Phuket Tor SorMor who will eventually use the experience gained for projects concerning resources and environment management in their areas. It will also foster understanding and create a network between fellow Tor SorMor, who are working in the three Amphoes of Phuket, the local government and administrative offices and other sectors.

Phuket training Natural Resources & Environment VolunteersMr. Paiboon said: “Volunteers are those who work without pay and we respect all of you who sacrifice your time. We at PPAO always realize the importance of conservation work. Each year more than 10 million tourists visit Phuket and this is having an effect on our environment, and natural resources are being depleted every day. We need to conserve and use our resources wisely. I am confident that all participants will benefit greatly from this project while fostering understanding among yourselves. Eventually, you will be able to share experiences and knowledge from the field trips with your local members and generations to come.”

Phuket training Natural Resources & Environment VolunteersHe continued: “Thanks to all participants. I am confident that you will gain so much by wanting to do good to others and the environment. Please help to conserve our nature and bring success stories back to share with us. I am glad to know that all participants realize the importance of separating refuse. Discipline must be built when people are young, therefore please be good examples to our children in this area.”


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