Phuket To Recieve 125 Million Baht for Thai Khem-Khaeng 2555 project

‘Thai Khem-Khaeng 2555’ project. Phuket Vice Governor Tri Akkaradecha madean announcement that the Government has released the cabinet’s approval ingrants and subsidies to Municipalities and General Administration Sub-section in total of 23 billion baht to implement the ‘Thai Khem-Khange 2555’ project (Strong Thailand Investment Plan). Based on the cabinet’s approval, Phuket will be receiving 125 million baht, but has to follow the strict rules of the 14th amendment of the ‘Thai Khem-Khange 2555’ project itself.

The budget is to be distributed among Phuket’s 3 districts.  A total of 57 projects are intended to help improve the economic infrastructure, including road work and flooding issues, and to boost tourism in Phuket city as well.


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