Phuket to host local costume dress contest to promote local lifestyle


Ajima Nooking, Head of Thalang National Museum, informed that there would be a local costume modelling dress contest on August 8th 2010. The contest would be held in order to promote unique local costumes of Phuket which was one of Phuket’s outstanding lifestyles.

Phuket women’s original costumes were well known under the name of ‘Ya Yah’. The costume was a mix between Chinese and Muslim style of dressing. The shirt was developed from the original Chinese costume that Chinese women wore in traditional ceremonies while the skirt was made from ‘Pateh’, a Muslim style of sarong.

Now, Phuket women wear ‘Ya Yah’ costumes only in traditional ceremonies. Therefore, the national museum wanted to encourage them to wear this local costume more often. Hence they arrange the contest on August 8th. There would be four levels of candidates who can join the contest. In the first level, the candidates are 7 – 15 years old. In the second level, 16 – 30 years old, the third level 31 – 45 years old and the final level over 46 years old.

Moreover, the museum also provides an exhibition about Phuket local costumes on August 1st – 30th in order to make people know more about Phuket original clothes and wear. For more information please contact Thalang National Museum.


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