Phuket to host ‘Business Matching’ event with 32 provinces

Sompong Ornprasert, the Head of Office of Commercial Affairs Phuket or OCAP, said that OCAP had agreed a commercial strategy after discussions between related sectors. The slogan of the strategy was “Phuket is the city of tourism, hospitality, and business with international standards”. It was compatible with the mission of Phuket to develop the province into a world class marine tourism hub.

However, the related sectors had to brainstorm and determine the standards of goods and services in the island, together with adding value to those products, as well as getting new market channels by holding events to attract visitors.

Consequently, Phuket Province planned to hold an event supporting the province’s good and services on July 15th – 16th 2010 at Phuket Orchid Resort and Spa, Karon Beach. The event is called ‘Business Matching’ at which Phuket would invite 132 entrepreneurs from 32 provinces in Thailand and the representatives of each province’s Office of Commercial Affairs to join the event. In the event, there would be trading negotiations between those invited, entrepreneurs and representatives from Phuket.

Sompong commented that the event would be a good way to build a connection between entrepreneurs from Phuket and other provinces. It would also help goods and service entrepreneurs in Phuket to get new market channels. He added that the event would help in promoting Phuket tourism to people in other parts of Thailand as well.


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