Phuket to build pump station at Bang Wad Dam

Somjai Suwansupapana, Phuket City Mayor, revealed after the first common meeting in 2010 of Phuket City Municipality (PCM) held on February 26th, that PCM had approved to spend some budget on a pump station at Bang Wad Dam which is the main water resource used in Phuket Municipality area’s waterworks.

Formerly, apart from Bang Wad Dam, PCM could use water from private lakes to supply people living in the municipality area, yet now the lakes’ owners don’t allow PCM to use their lakes anymore. Moreover, PCM’s public lake ran dry in the dry season. Therefore, PCM has to find a way to get enough water from its only existing water resource at Bang Wad Dam.

Consequently, PCM members agreed to spend 8,828,000 baht on its public lakes dredging, installing a higher pressure pump and building a pump station at Bang Wad Dam. The new pump can deliver 1,000 cubic meters per hour.


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