Phuket Temporary Shelter for Children and Families trains people how to help harmed victims

On June 23rd 2010, at Ao Makham Room, Katina Hotel Phuket, Phuket Temporary Shelter for Children and Families hosted a workshop to train Phuket residents how to helped harmed victims in their families. The workshop’s purpose was to ensure that harmed victims would be helped appropriately by people in their families under participation from government and private related officers.

Those who joined the workshop were local leaders, representatives from schools, public health officers, religious leaders, volunteers from local administrative organizations, people from private sectors and foundations.

Jiranan Jiamcharoen, Head of Phuket Temporary Shelter for Children and Families, said that “family members should have a good relationship between each other. Yet, in fact, violence occurs in many families. As everyone knows families are the last important part of the society, so how can we have an ideal society if families are weak and full of violence? Therefore, it is important to train and educate people about this.”


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