Phuket succeeds in disabled & confined patients’ assistance

Dr. Wiwat Sitamanote, the Deputy Chief of Phuket Provincial Public Health Office,  informed about the very good results of disabled and confined patient assistance projects in communities around Phuket, which began in 2008 and had been supported by the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO).

There were 259 medical staff and volunteers taking care of the handicapped and confined patients in different communities. In addition, 87 volunteers had been trained as handicapped and confined patients’ assistants in their villages. He added that the support given by PPAO helped a lot in purchasing medical equipment used in the projects. In 2010, PPAO supported with 3,855,000 baht for the project. This amount of money would be used to better the project’s operation and patients’ assistance. Meanwhile, Paiboon Upattising, the President of PPAO, commented that it was the main duty of PPAO to enhance the quality of life for Phuket residents.


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