Phuket sub-committee holds meeting regarding minimum wage

 Phuket sub-committee holds meeting regarding minimum wageOn June 13th 2011 at 1.30pm, Mr.Nirawit Arunrat, the Chairman of the sub-committee held a meeting regarding the minimum wage in Phuket. The meeting was held at the City Hall’s meeting room and was to review and adjust the minimum wage in Phuket for 2011. It was proposed by the Labor Organisation of Thailand for the government to consider adjusting the minimum wage by an additional 13% in May 2011 throughout the country. This was due to the facts that employees have been affected by increases in the price of essential consumer goods and the general increase in the cost of living increase. The current government’s attempt to reduce the cost of living will end on June 30th 2011 and will actually result in employee’s costs increasing.

The sub-committee used of the guidelines as defined in Section 87 of the amended Labor Protection Act BE 2008, The Labor Protection Act (No. 3) Act 2008 together with information on the following three criteria groups:

  • Group 1 – Necessity of living for workers, including facts about existing wage rates, cost of living index, Inflation, price of goods & services, and standard of living
  • Group 2 – Capability of employers to pay for the cost of production, the ability of the business and labor productivity
  • Group 3 – The economic and social criteria including GDP of the country and province, economic and social conditions of the country and province.

After the meeting, Mr. Suthipong Saisakaret, from Phuket Labor Office, acting as secretary said “the Office of Commercial Affairs Phuket, in cooperation with the Bureau of Trade and Economic Indices, the Ministry of Commerce and Phuket Government reported the movement of the Phuket Consumer Price Index (Consumer Price Index of Province: CPI-P) for May 2011 that the list of goods and services used to calculate is 417 entries for Phuket, with items covering a total of 256 lists, which includes food and beverage products, housing, apparel, medical, vehicle, public transportation, communication, entertainment, reading, education, religion, tobacco and alcoholic beverages. In order to calculate the consumer price index of Phuket, the Committee has considered the information processed by the consumer price index carefully and decided unanimously to submit opinions to the Committee to pay for, considering that Phuket has the minimum wage or does not depend on the discretion of the Board of Directors.”


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