Phuket reviews its Quality Learning Foundation

Phuket reviews its Quality Learning Foundation

Phuket reviews its Quality Learning Foundation On February 19, a meeting was held at the PPAO office in Phuket Town to review an educational reform program initiated in 2012. Bantoon Thongtan, Chairman of the Good Teachers Selection and Education Inequity Reduction Committee, hosted the meeting whilst PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising and his Advisor – Boonserm Suwannarathaphoom, Phuket City Mayor – Somjai Suwannasupana, and involved sectors were also in attendance.

In 2012, Phuket was one of ten provinces granted an educational fund by to the Quality Learning Foundation (QLF), for its role in actively selecting good teachers. The province was also one of seven provinces awarded best in its promotional campaign. The total grant for Phuket was 3M baht. Following the program, which will end in April 2014, Phuket has selected 109 good teachers, three of whom were given educational grants. The selection of good teachers was part of a 5-10-year education reform undertaken by the province.

QLF has set the role of the awardees to include: collaboration with other educators; development of efficient data systems for learning; and expand skills development, among others.

Mr. Paiboon praised the QLF education reform project and cited it as highly beneficial to the level of learning and teaching in Phuket.

“The Education Council we have set up acted as a center where all collaborations happen. Through it, we have developed many successful projects including language training for youths in Patong Beach. I strongly believe that private sectors will have to take an active part. Admittedly, no two provinces have the same needs, but in Phuket, English language training is a must,” concluded Mr. Paiboon.

The other province awardees are: Nan, Lumpoon, Khampangpetch, Chanburi, Petchburi, Chaiyabumi, Amnatchareon, Surin, and Yala.


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