Phuket residents joined tsunami evacuation drill; warning sounds weren’t loud enough


Wiboon Sanguansab, the Deputy Permanent Secretary to the Minister of Interior, presided over the tsunami evacuation drills in Phuket in September 13th 2010.

The main center of Phuket’s evacuation drills was Patong Beach. A lot of locals, about 1500, including business people and students joined the drill in the simulated situation of a 8.5 Richter earthquake in the sea north of Sumatra Island 449 kms away, with the potential of a tsunami to the shores of Phuket. So the people needed to evacuate to a safe place, which in Patong was designated at the car park of Jungceylon Department Store.

Apart from the evacuation drill, there were rescue and first aid drills as well. On the day, the warning systems of 19 warning towers were operated but it was noticed that the warning sounds from some towers weren’t loud enough. The related officers would find out the solution to this problem.

Translated from Thai source: Manager Online


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