Phuket ready to celebrate HM the King’s Birthday

Phuket ready to celebrate HM the King’s Birthday

Phuket ready to celebrate HM the King’s BirthdayOn November 27th 2013 at Phuket City Hotel, Phuket Governor – Maitri Inthusut and PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising made a public announcement concerning an upcoming event entitled “Phuketians Paying Homage to the King” ceremony. Taking part in the conference were Deputy Governor – Dr. Sommai Prijasilpa, PPAO Advisor to Chief Executive – Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, PPAO Deputy – Watcharin Pathomwong, PPAO Council Chairman – Pradit Saengjan, PPAO Council members, PPAO departmental heads and officials, PPAO Hospital executives, PPAO school executives, guests and the press. The objective of the project is to celebrate the 86th anniversary of HM the King on December 5.

Phuket ready to celebrate HM the King’s BirthdayPreparations are underway for activities to be held from December 1-5, at the main stage at Sapan Hin Park, which will provide opportunities for the public to pay homage to the King during this auspicious time. The main concept of the project is to highlight highland agricultural projects initiated by the King 43 years ago, which have all been successful and beneficial to the farmers in the northern hills. Displays will comprise of a HM the King’s portrait, photos and models of farms and highland produces. For this activity, PPAO is being given support by the Royal Project who will provide organic wintry vegetables and fruits for the show and for sale throughout the celebration.

Phuket ready to celebrate HM the King’s BirthdayAnother area, which will be touched upon is soil and water conservation, including wastewater treatment using the “Chai Patana Water Mill”, designed by HM the King, and the world’s first royal invention receiving a patent. Funded by private sectors, the watermill displayed at the show will be installed before the opening date. The highlight of the celebration will be an installation called “Chai Pattana” by the artist Ajarn Watchara Prayoonkam, an artwork inspired by the King’s invention.

Phuket ready to celebrate HM the King’s BirthdayPPAO will build a homage-paying booth, decorated with wintry plants, with well wishing notes for the public to read out loud. The speeches will be recorded for screening on stage. Other activities include “shop, taste and view” all kinds of produces from the Royal Project and OTOP products. There would also be live entertainment performed by “Suntraporn” band and movie stars supported by the state of the art light, color and sound. Most importantly, PPAO would provide a spacious ground in which the public can join homage ceremony on the night of December 5, led by Phuket Governor Maitri Inthusut.

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