Phuket ranked highest for HIV patients in south, 2nd in country

On June 24th 2010, at the meeting room of Phuket Provincial Public Health Office (PPPHO), Emorn Kittitorakul, Head of Service Development Section at PPPHO, presided over a meeting between a HIV Prevention Committee and other related sub – committees.

The main agenda of the meeting was to report on the HIV and venereal disease situation in Phuket, to present the results of HIV prevention among homosexual people and high school students, to discuss the committee’s performance and the way to improve HIV prevention in Phuket.

Emorn reported that from 1989 – 2010, there were 6,902 HIV patients found in Phuket. 1,290 of them had died. Most of the patients were aged 25 – 39 years old. They were mostly working as freelance employees, housewives, unemployed, company employees, workers and fishermen in that order. Phuket was ranked in 1st highest place for HIV patients found in southern Thailand. It was also ranked in 2nd place for HIV patients found in Thailand, after Chantaburi province.


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