Phuket promotes ‘Slim Belly’ Project

Dr Narintat Pitchayakamin, the chief Public Health Doctor of Phuket, said that the province had signed an MOU with the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Interiors to promote the ‘Slim Belly’ Project on the island.

He said that people who have belly fat are at risk to high blood pressure, high cholesterol in blood circulation and have 5 times possibility to get Atherosclerotic heart disease. Therefore people should realize how dangerous this is.

The Slim Belly project runs from March – July, 2010. People who want to attend the project can go to the Public Health Office to measure their belly. In five months, they have to lose their belly fat as much as possible. People who can lose most of their belly will be awarded by a trophy and cash. In Phuket, were lots of volunteers joining the project.


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