Phuket Pride Week 2015 – Official launch

Phuket Pride Week 2015 – Official launch

Phuket Pride Week 2015 – Official launchAlthough the event is still just under 6 months away, The Phuket Loves You Club (PLU) has officially launched Phuket Pride week 2015. Although the dates have been published since the end of Pride week 2014, the PLU have now launched two web banners and announced the 2015 theme ‘Freedom to Live’.

The week will be 7 days of fun celebrations, including Pool Parties, Sports events, Day trips, A Gala Dinner, Beach party, Grand Auction and other fund raising events around Phuket. The week’s final programme will be announced in early March 2015.

Freedom To Live
In Thailand, individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) experience many daily challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Thailand is one of the most tolerant countries in Asia in regard to homosexuality and transsexualism; however, homophobia and genderphobia are unfortunately far from new despite the Buddha’s core teachings of compassion, so often people opt to treat such individuals with disdain, often making homosexuals and transgenders objects of ridicule in movies, television commercials and daily conversation. They are often labelled as being promiscuous, self-indulgent and deserving of little respect.

So we hope that during Phuket Pride week 2015, all LGBT residents and tourists of Phuket can come and celebrate their right to live their lives as they wish and to be proud of being who they were born to be. We also invite our ‘Straight’ friends to join us in the week’s events; together we will break down more of these barriers and thus have more freedom to live.

HIV infection in Phuket is at a very high level and we know that almost 25% of Gay individuals being tested for HIV in Patong are being tested positive. Over the past 3 years, PLU Club who has organised Phuket Pride week, have raised over 600,000 baht much of which has been have be spent on helping people with HIV, providing free condoms, providing more free HIV testing and providing information on HIV. With knowledge, free access to condoms and testing, we are addressing another side of the Freedom To Live.

Phuket Pride week 2015 will continue as we have in the previous 3 years to raise money to fund this major health issue that is affecting our local Thai LGBT communities.

By increasing information on HIV/AIDS, the PLU Club is raising needed money and hope for a healthier community. This week’s celebration will enable our local Thai LGBT communities to be proud of whom they are. Phuket Pride 2015 will continue to make history and work to improve the community in which we live.

We hope you’ll join us in our journey to have the ‘Freedom To Live’ as we celebrate who we are – fabulous individuals.
For information on how to get involved in the PLU and Phuket Pride as a volunteer or sponsor, please email:

For up-to-date information about PLU activities and view our Pride 2014 photo gallery visit our web site:

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