Phuket Police lecture & show accident videos to motorbike drivers and passengers riding without helmets

On July 6th 2010, at Phuket Provincial Police Station, Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, a Vice Governor of Phuket, presided over the first training lecture & video-showing accidents to fined motorbike drivers and passengers riding without helmet. The session was held especially to train those who did not wear a helmet while they were riding. It was a part of the project to encourage people in Phuket to wear helmets when riding & following the traffic law.

Pol. Col. Wanchai Akeporapit, the Commander of Phuket Provincial Police Station, said that the law forcing bikers and their passengers in Phuket City to all wear helmets was enforced from July 1st. On July 1st – 5th, the police had found and fined 395 people riding against the traffic law. The motorbike drivers were fined and had to attend the training.

Meanwhile, the motorbike passengers were not fined for the first time, but they had to attend the training as well. More residents in Phuket City areas seemed to realize that they had to wear helmets every time they were driving or sitting on a motorbike.


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