Phuket Post Office launches World Cup 2010 prediction contest via postcard

Boonlue Perngrat, Head of Phuket Provincial Post Office or PPPO, revealed that PPPO had joined the campaign of World Cup 2010 winner prediction contest via postcard held by Thailand Post Company Ltd and Thai Rath newspaper. People who wanted to join the campaign could buy a postcard and guess the winner at PPPO.

He added that people who bought over 200 baht of postcards would gain lucky drawn coupons which they could write their names and addresses on, and put in a box. If their coupons were picked up, PPPO would send them prizes including equipment for their houses. Meanwhile, the entire postcards would be sent to the campaign center. After the World Cup finished, those winning postcards would be picked and the owners of postcards would got a lot of prizes totally worth 40 million baht. PPPO would not accept the postcards after July 10, 2010. For more information please contact Phuket Provincial Post Office.


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