Phuket Police arrests Rohingya people entering the island illegally

Phuket Police arrests Rohinya people entering the island illegallyOn February 1st, police from Chalong Police Station arrested 13 Rohingya people found entering Phuket illegally. These people were staying in the area of Bang Kontee Village before being arrested by the police.  

After talking to them, the police found that there were more Rohingya people sailing to Phuket. Some of them were hiding along the beach and in local beach villages. Later, the police arrested another 22 Rohingya people and took them to the police station before investigating them about their illegal entery to the island. However, the police could not seize their boat so it was unclear if there was anybody helping them to enter the island.

The police assumed that these Rohingya people could not stand for the unstable political situation and starvation in their hometown. They looked really hungry and tired from their 20 days journey from their hometown located between Burma and Bangladesh. Their destination was Malaysia, but after their food was finished and their boat stopped working, they decided to swim to Phuket and hide in trees along the beach in Rawai.


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