Phuket Police and Bangkok Phuket Hospital signed MOU to promote helmet wearing on motorbikes


On August 4th 2010, Pol. Col. Wanchai Akeporapit, the Superintendant of Phuket Provincial Police, and related officers signed an MOU with Bangkok Phuket Hospital to promote helmet wearing. The MOU was signed after the police’s project to encourage motorbike riders to wear helmets 100% of the time in the Phuket Municipality area.

Dr.Kongkiat Kespechara, the Director of Bangkok Phuket Hospital, said the hospital had been supporting the police’s project by selling quality helmets with special prices to their staff and customers in July and August. He added that after the MOU was signed, all the hospital staff had to ride with a helmet on a motorcycle. Their passengers also had to wear a helmet. If any staff were found not wearing a helmet, they would be given a warning letter and this would be used as information in staff’s annual performance and bonus assessments.

There are now 297,645 vehicles in Phuket. 280,183 of them are motorbikes. From the record of Phuket Provincial Police, 60% of motorbike riders wear a helmet, but only 4% of the passengers wore a helmet and had no helmets for the children. Yet these are the highest statistics in Thailand but Phuket’s rate of injuries and deaths from traffic accidents are unfortunately top of the country. Undoubtedly, there were a lot of people dying in accidents because they didn’t wear a helmet. So we should all encourage our families and friends to wear a helmet on motorbikes because it can protect their lives when an accident happens.


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