Phuket Plans Water Use

February 17th, 2010, Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, the Vice Governor of Phuket, on the behalf the president of the Committee of Water Management, presided over the meeting between the committee members to plan the water management ways during the dry season. Issara Anukul, head of Water Management Department, Phuket Irrigation Office, and Sayan Wareerungroj, head of Phuket Provincial Waterworks Authority, and representative from related offices also attended the meeting.

Issara revealed after the meeting that, now all water resources in Phuket have 46 million cubic meters of water while the water demand in 2010 is 51 million cubic meters. Each month, about 3.9 million cubic meters of the water will be used to generate electricity. This amount of water comes from Phuket City Municipality Waterworks Authority for 800,000 cubic meters/ month, Phuket Provincial Waterworks Authority for 1.5 million cubic meters/ month, and local waterworks authorities for 23,000 cubic meters/ day.

In addition, issara said that this year, the water in Bangwad Dam that will be sent to the Municipality and Provincial waterwork authorities is still enough until May. After that we have to wait and see the amount of reain water in this year. Anyway if the rain water amount would not be enough, there would water crisis in 2014 and 2015. Futhermore, it’s estimated that the water demand in Phuket would increased to 100 million cubic meters by 2017.

Anyway, the government and relation section have planned to increase the number of water resource in Phuket by construct the new dam called Klong Kra Ta with containing capacity of 5.7 million cubic meters, Klong Yon Dam with containing capacity of 2 million cubic meters. They also planed to develop the existing dam to have more containing capacity in the future.


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