Phuket plans industry development

On March 11th, 2010, Apichai Amornpisut, Head of Phuket Industry Office (PIO), presided over a meeting on Phuket Industry Development Strategy Review. Other officers from related government offices joined the meeting such as Prajiad Aksorndharmakul, Head of Phuket Development Strategy Office in Phuket Provincial Office, Ornanong Suwannakarn, the President of Phuket Industry Association, and representatives from private sectors in Phuket.

Apichai said that PIO has set up the strategy to develop industrial sections in Phuket following the policy issued by the Ministry of Industry for 2008 – 2011. To make the plan fix the island’s circumstances, PIO needed to brainstorm with the entrepreneurs in Phuket to find the most effective framework, action, and budget plan for this.

To develop industrial sections in Phuket, PIO will support and enhance the seafood products and souvenir entrepreneurs in manufacturing capacity and encourage them to use more technology to reduce production costs and be friendly for the environment at the same time.


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