Phuket PAO holds Property Management meeting

Phuket PAO holds Property Management meeting

Phuket PAO holds Property Management meeting On Monday December 16th 2013, PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising chaired the fourth property management committee meeting of 2013. Taking part in the meeting were PPAO Chief Advisor – Samanasak Ratanasaenyanuparp, PPAO Council Member – Sithichok Dechapibal, PPAO Chief Administrator – Wacharin Pathomwattanapong, PPAO officials, and relevant sectors.

Mr. Paiboon said: “The aim of this meeting is to review rental or renewal of rental agreements of properties owned by PPAO such as habitable land, land for commerce such as the new pier in Tambon Rassada, whose rental agreement with Sea Trans Company is being reviewed by the committee. We also discuss matters in relation to letting land to Phuket Sports Association. PPAO Council will meet in early January 2014 to discuss terms of rental.”

Phuket PAO holds Property Management meeting Mr. Sithichok said: “Phuket Sports Association has requested to rent land in Sapanhin to construct its center. The committee has reviewed this request and considered it beneficial to the public and agreed with initial terms. It will put in a request for a total rental period of 10 years so that various clubs can have their own centers thus creating a kind of sports hub.”


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