Outstanding fathers of Phuket 2009 were chosen

Aug 18, 2009,  10.00 am. At the 2nd floor meeting room of Phuket City Hall, Phuket Deputy Governor Three Akaradecha sit as the president of meeting to select Phuket’s outstanding father, together with the other selecting committee members.

According to the Volunteer and Assistance of Education Association who take responsibility for holding the 30th National Father’s Day at Amporn Garden Palace on coming December 5, 2009 to uphold the dignity of His Majesty the King and to appreciate the generosity of the father, each Province was assigned to select two fathers with an outstanding success in his role to receives Certificate of Honor.

For Phuket, there are 4 names of father have been brought up by various agency and office. Those are 54-year-old Veera Kawiset, 62-year-old Jaroon Khamviset, 68-year-old Samruay Taemthong and 67-year-old Nirand Chotsethapant. And the result of the selection make Jaroon Khamviset and Samruay Taemthong are two representatives from Phuket this year.


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