Phuket organizes Silk Screen Workshop

Phuket organizes Silk Screen Workshop

Phuket organizes Silk Screen WorkshopOn February 25th 2014, PPAO Chief Executive – Paiboon Upattising hosted the opening of a silk screen workshop at Sala Prachakom in Phuket Town. In attendance were PPAO Chief Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, PPAO Council members – Theera Jiasakul, Prasit Sinsaowapak, Boon-um Uerjittrakl, Thanapat Thanirat, Nuanchan Samart &  Supreeya Iam-wiwattanakul, PPAO division heads and staff.

Led by Ajarns Ruetham Paladsonkom and Chanathinat Chaiyaphu from the Production Design Department at Rajabhat University, Phuket Campus, the three-day workshop comprised of both theory and practical course in the basic concepts and techniques of silk-screen printing. The workshop was attended by 40 individuals.
Phuket organizes Silk Screen WorkshopMr. Watcharin explained that PPAO organizes a range of vocational workshops is an attempt to train locals in skills they can employ to support themselves financially or even use as past time activities. PPAO, who is aware of the rising costs of living, hopes that the workshops will help increase the quality of lives of individuals through raising subsistent income.

In his speech to participants, Mr. Paiboon said that he is confident that participants would be able to use this skill for their gain. He also revealed that there are three more workshops planned including cooking (crispy Chiang Mai pork, roast pork, meat balls and Isaan pork sausages Moo Yor), scheduled for 3 – 6 March; cooking (chicken rice biryani or Khao Mok Arab, Indian-styled salad, and fish curry) scheduled for 7 – 9 May; tok sen or tapping for health, and tiger balm making, scheduled for 8 – 12 July.

“Please share this goodwill of PPAO; everyone is most welcome to join the workshops. Having skills and using them for the benefits of yourselves is great, but you must share them with others. This has always been our concept, part of our project to make Phuket a happy place for all. I thank all the workshop leaders and Council Members and officials who work hard to bring this free trainings to the community,” said Mr. Paiboon.

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