Phuket opens Recreation Park in Tambon Thepkasatri

Phuket opens Recreation Park in Tambon Thepkasatri

Phuket opens Recreation Park in Tambon ThepkasatriA recreational park k in Tambon Thepkasatri was recently officially opened by Mr. Paiboon Upattising, Chief Executive of PPAO. Accompanying him during the opening were: his Advisor – Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, Chief Administrator – Watcharin Pathomwattanapong, Council Deputy Chairman – Sakchai Chaowai, Council Members – Sanya Srimueang, Sithichok Dechaphibal, Kamron Pantip and Sonthaya Suntharak, along with PPAO departmental heads, and officials. Also present were Deputy Chief of Thepkasatri Tambon Administrative Office – Chaiyos Kajornsawasdikul, Ban Pru Champa School Director – Suwat Koysomboon, Education Division Chairman – Pongthep Naoprai, Ban Pru Champa community leader – Mayid Pasaman, guests and the public.

Phuket opens Recreation Park in Tambon ThepkasatriIn his speech, Mr. Paiboon announced that one of PPAO’s public policies is to assign a park to each village so that the community can use this for recreation. For the construction of this park, located in Ban Pru Champa School, the PPAO allocated a budget of 4,630,000. The project was part of the Housing, Community and Public Park Policy Development Plan. The park comprises of 9 sets of exercise machines and one complete set of equipment for a playground. The total cost spent was 4,606,500 baht. The park, intended for students and the nearby community, was completed on May 27, 2013.

Phuket opens Recreation Park in Tambon ThepkasatriIn addition to the park, PPAO also approved projects for Tambon Thepkasatri for the fiscal year 2012 as follows:
Construction of a road running from Ban Riang – Pru Somparn
Religious and Ethical Learning Center at Wat Thepkasatri temple (Wat Ban Don)

For the fiscal year 2013, PPAO approved the following projects:
Construction of a roofed futsal field at Wat Thepkasatri temple
Restoration of Klong Saneh Pho reservoir

And for the fiscal year 2014:
Financial support to Thepkasatri Tambon Administrative Office for the development of a land and water system to prevent flooding on road 402, in the area in front of the Susco station.

Furthermore, PPAO expects that a public park in the area of Kok Chana Pamah will be approved by its Council for the fiscal year 2015.

Director of Ban Pru Champa School Suwat Koysomboon thanked the Chief Executive for his continual support for the school and its community. The park, he said, would benefit students and parents alike. He also thanked the public for helping to maintain the park.


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