Phuket launches “Project Approach” teaching program

Phuket launches “Project Approach” teaching program

Phuket launches “Project Approach” teaching program A progressive education training program entitled “Project Approach” was launched by PPAO at Ban Na Bon School, Chalong, on Sunday September 7th 2014. PPAO Chief Advisor – Boonserm Suwannarathphoom, who was accompanied by Head of Religious and Cultural Education – Ouiporn Sakultan, presided over the launch which was attended by school administrators and teachers from all PPAO schools.

Phuket launches “Project Approach” teaching program The “Project Approach” education training program has been well received by primary teachers since its implementation as part of the overall program to develop the level of education through the 1999 Education Act. As the name implies, the approach considers learners first and foremost and teachings are organized around each individual students’ abilities, interests and skill sets with consideration given to the individual make up of each person. The approach is not new but has been adopted by most countries including Thailand.

Phuket launches “Project Approach” teaching program According to Jansuwan Tamapanon, Director of PPAO Sathit Ruam Pattana School, the training program aims to educate primary teachers from all PPAO schools in this concept so that they can deliver complete teaching modules based on this concept, training which will also help raise the teachers’ professionalism.

In his speech, Mr Boonserm, who believes that young learners are naturally curious, believes that this teaching approach will enable students to deepen the knowledge inherent to their interests with the help of teachers who understand and respect their individuality. This, he said, will help to develop well-rounded students who will grow into becoming invaluable assets of the nation.

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