Phuket labourers happy with 17 baht increase in minimum wage for 2011

phuket labourThe Cabinet agreed to increase the minimum wage nationwide on January 1st 2011 by 8 – 17 baht. There were 7 provinces that got an 8 baht increase in minimum wage, while Phuket got 17 baht more to 221 baht since life expenses on the island are quite high.

From reactions, most workers in Phuket seemed to agree with the wage increase:

Warawoot Piron, the owner of a VCD shop, said that the increased minimum wage would create better cash flow in the labourers’ families.

Wisoot Thongproi, a construction contractor, was happy that the government helped labourers this way. They could use increased money to purchase essential items for their families.

Chaliew Detthong, an employee, was impressed that the government realized labourers’ problems and increased the minimum wage by 17 baht. But she said that her daily wage at 250 baht still could not cover family expenses.

The previous daily wage rate of Phuket was 204 baht.


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