Phuket hoping to cope with election protestors

Phuket hoping to cope with election protestors

Phuket hoping to cope with election protestorsKhun Kittipong Teangkunakit – Director of the Phuket Election Commission Office recently held a meeting with relevant agencies to discuss the preparations for the upcoming general election to be held on 2nd Feb 2014.

At the meeting he said “We now have a committee in place that is able to report progress to the Director of the Electoral Commission and also assign tasks to the island’s various election districts. Unfortunately, this election is not like any other we have held because the entire process never normally encounters any problems.

“In advance of the elections, Phuket hasactually had to prepare for separate two election options, one is for those who are from outside the province and have come to work in Phuket, and these people had to register their right to vote with the provinces election representatives by Jan 2nd 2014, and we have had around 32,000 people register. The second is for those in Phuket who hold house registrations, and those who wish to vote should register between 13th-17th Jan 2014.”

Khun Kittipong added “With regards to preparations to cope with any groups of protesters, the election laws will be strictly enforced at each unit elections and it is illegal for people to disable an election of a person’s right to vote. If there is anything which happens which breaks the election laws or if thing get out of control we will report incidents to the central election office.”


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