Phuket Governor planned to get rid of nominees

02 September 2009 – Phuket Governor Wichai Prisa-ngob pushes 100% to against with nominee problems in Phuket.

Thailand land law generally prohibits foreigners from owning freehold land in a country. However, there are various exceptions in the law regarding this issue. There are also other methods available for acquiring valid and legal rights to land and real estate in Thailand that do not amount to outright ownership. In the mean time, some of Thais and foreigners use law loophole to gain illegal profits.

This caused nominee problems in Phuket these days.

The ratio of shares held by Thais and foreigners was typically 51 to 49 but some of foreign own businesses in Phuket have changed regulations and transfer shares after agreement executed. Those include diving, tour, time sharing, and every tourism industry business.

“In the recent past, related organizations and officers ignore nominee problems and this carelessness will affect natural resources tourism in the near future,…..,to solve this problem, we need to start adjusting a new process in both efficiency and effectiveness. We can allow the same problems to happen over and over again.” admitted the governor.

Meanwhile Deputy Director of Internal Security Operations Command Phuket, Rear Admiral Amornchoat Sujirat said that buying land and property or having business in Phuket is attractive for foreign investors. Law and regulations are suited with the current situation, but the problem is from officers who lack of responsibilities.

“However every organization including government, media, business sections, and everyone must pay more attention to this problem. We can’t heal this wound until we help each other. This is not for anyone but Phuket.” added Rear Admiral Amornchoat.


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