Phuket Governor meet the local leaders during Ramadan

31 August 2009 – Phuket Governor, Wichai Praisa-ngob, together with many city officers traveled to Murgarom Masjid to meet muslim brothers in Cherngtalay Sub-district area during the Ramadan. While President of Cherngtalay LAO Manoch Panchalard, Vice President Of PPAO Soratham Jinda as well as imams and some locals gave a warm welcome to the group visitor, some date palm and rice from the province were handed over at the same time.

Governor Wichai said that this was also an opportunity for officers to listen to the voice of villagers and bring it back to work out the community’s problems. For Cherngtalay, people asked for road construction to the mountain and land certificate issuing. Governor Wichai delegated tasks and problems to concern offices before expressed his appreciation to Cherngtalay people for their good cooperation during the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in July.


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