Phuket Fishermen Found after Missing for 7 Days

After missing for 7 days, Praween Sungsorn, 26 year old fisherman, and his 2 friends was assisted by the naval officers from the Third Naval Area Phuket.  

Praween recalled that when his friends and he were fishing in the sea, the boat’s engine broke down therefore his boat was buffeted away from the shore. With limited food and water, they hopefully tried to sail their boat follow the light from the top of Nak Kerd Mountain for 7 days and finally helped by the naval officers.

Sunchai Pinmak, Praween’s friend said that since their foodstuff had been prepared for only 2 days, after had been buffeted away, they had to eat carefully. Instead of steaming, they boiled rice and use the scientific knowledge to get water from the sea.

Praween said that he still want to be the fisherman because it’s his career and he will go fishing as soon as his health recovered.


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