Phuket fishermen ask government to import more ‘Green Fuel’ from Singapore

On June 3rd 2010, at the conference room of Phuket Provincial Hall, Pol. Lt. Gen. Yuthana Thaipakdee, the vice Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, called a meeting with government officials in Phuket including those from the Phuket Provincial Excise Office, Phuket Provincial Customs Office, Phuket Provincial Marine Police, Phuket Provincial Harbour Office, Phuket Provincial Fishing Port, Phuket Provincial Fishery Association, and so-called ‘Green Fuel’ retailers.

In the meeting, there was a discussion about problems found in ‘Green Fuel’ re-sales and the way to make ‘Green Fuel’ only be used in the fishery industry. In Phuket, all concerned sectors confirmed that apart from the fishery industry, there was no ‘Green Fuel’ sold to other kinds of business. In each month, there were 40 – 50,000 liters of ‘Green Fuel’ sold to 5,000 fishing boats in Phuket.

The price was 20.80 baht per liter. Finally, the fishermen in Phuket asked the government to import more ‘Green Fuel’ from Singapore because the price of the Thai ‘Green Fuel’ was getting higher, hence their fishing costs increased too.


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