Phuket continues to present itself as potential host of World Expo 2020

world expo

On July 30th 2010, Wichai Praisa-ngob, the Governor of Phuket, presided over a meeting to present information about Phuket possibly bidding to host the World Expo 2020. There were many related sectors joining  the meeting including Dr. Piyanuch Wutthisorn, a member of National Economic and Social Development Committee; Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, a Vice Governor of Phuket; Chalermlak Kebsap, a Phuket Member of Parliament; plus representatives from government and private sectors.

Wichai revealed that Phuket was ready to be the host location in every aspect: “We have 2000 rai of land in Tah Chat Chai, Phuket plus 900 rai of land in Ta Noon, Phang Nga which could both be locations for the event. These two pieces of land were connected by Sarasin Bridge and Thao Thepkrasatri – Thoa Srisoonthorn Bridge. Phuket was also ready with 70,000 rooms in 5-star hotels. The island’s transportation was convenient, especially the international airport that is being expanded ready to welcome 12 million visitors. Phuket was also a host location of many international conferences, therefore the island was experienced in providing security for this kind of event.” Wicahi also mentioned that if Phuket was selected to host this event, six Andaman provinces could be a part of the event as well in other aspects.

Meanwhile, Dr. Piyanuch commented that Phuket seemed to be ready in many aspects. However, there were five other provinces elsewhere presenting themselves to be host locations as well. The committee had to collect the information of all candidates before the judgment in 2011. Then, the name of the representative location from Thailand would be sent to the event organizer to be compared with representative locations from other countries. Finally, the organizer would announce the selected host location in 2014.


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