Phuket celebrates World Environment Day

Phuket celebrates World Environment Day

Phuket celebrates World Environment Day World Environment Day 2014 was celebrated in Phuket on June 5th at Chalerm Prakiat 72 Years Maha Rachini Park. Governor Maitri Inthusut presided over the opening ceremony which was attended by PPAO Deputy Chief – Soratham Jinda, along with other PPAO officials and involved agencies.

World Environment Day (WED), designated by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), is celebrated yearly on June 5th. It aims to raise global awareness on protecting the environment and nature. This year’s slogan is “Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level,” urging everyone to do “Every year, Everywhere, Everyone.”

Phuket celebrates World Environment Day In his opening speech, Mr Soratham warned that the public is facing challenges that may shorten the lifespan of the Earth and people’s lives. WED is held to remind the global society to understand environmental issues and help to reduce the impact made on the weather that will result in raising the sea level and in turn affect ecology and livelihood. He suggests we all do things such as cleaning up, reducing rubbish, walking instead of driving, art exhibition, musical show, planting, recycling, using bicycles, using social media to spread the words and organizing contests to reflect the concept of “Every year, Everywhere, Everyone.”

Phuket celebrates World Environment Day Here in Phuket, the WED 2014 celebration, which took place at Chalerm Prakiat Park on June 5th – 7th, is organized by PPAO and Phuket City Municipality. Activities included: award presentation to individuals and organizations who have won “Phuket Green Awards,” exhibition and demonstration on “Garden City, No Pollution, Sustainable Energy,” concept, exchange and sell of second hand goods from hotels, free health screen by PPAO Hospital, booths selling products from manufacturers and dealers, art contest, discussion on Phuket environment, music show and entertainment, program to entice children to plant trees, invitation to plant bougainvillea, designated flower of Phuket province, along the bank of Bang Yai canal (collaboration of Bicycle Club and Nida team).

Phuket celebrates World Environment Day Mr Soratham ended by saying that the celebration has received support from government agencies, NGOs and private sectors all volunteering to work towards a “cleaner and more beautiful Phuket.”

Phuket celebrates World Environment Day

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