Phuket becoming a place for money laundering & drug traders

On June 17th 2010, at the new provincial hall of Phuket, Wisuth Chaiaroon, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Drugs and Laundering Prevention and Suppression (CDLPS) under the supervision of the House of Representatives of Thailand, and CDLPS members visited Phuket to see the report of drugs and laundering prevention and suppression in Phuket. All of them were warmly welcomed by Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, a Vice Governor of Phuket, and related government officers.

The first thing mentioned was an increasing drug problem in Phuket. It was reported that all concerned sectors had been trying to prevent and suppress drugs trading in the island in every way. Most of the drugs were transferred to Phuket by air and land transport. In addition, CDLPS was interested in the way to suppress drugs trading in prison and it was reported that there were random drugs check 5 – 6 times a month in the prison; only one prisoner was found with drugs.

Moreover, CDLPS was concerned about groups of foreign people who were laundering their money by establishing businesses, especially through properties in Phuket, and they assigned the related officers to keep an eye on these people.


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