Phuket ask for more minimum wage to 206 THB/day

01 September 2009 – The Sub-Committee on Minimum Wage Phuket agreed to increase minimum wage from 197 THB/day to 206 THB/day.

Phuket Vice Governor Worrapoj Rattasrima presided over the meeting of increasing minimum wage in Phuket.

There were many representatives from various sections participated in, including government sections, business sections, and related persons.

The committee has approved this issue since it was mooted in the second meeting (16 June 2009). The resolution of the second meeting didn’t exist due to the The Cabinet of Thailand didn’t agreed to add more 9 THB. However the committee went over this issue again and finally will propose to the central committee within 30 September 2009.

The President of Phuket Federation of Hotel and Service Labour-Vijit Dasantad-unveiled that the federation has been moving forward to raise up minimum wage due to the federation concerns on Phuket current economic situation.


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