Phuket Airport hosted CPR & First Aid training

CPR & First Aid training

On September 6th, Pratuang Sornkham, the Director of Phuket International Airport, presided over the opening of CardioPulmonary Resuscitation or CPR & First Aid training for airport officers. This training was held under the cooperation  of Phuket International Airport and the Heart Association of Thailand. It was held during September 6th-7th 2010 at the 3rd floor conference room of Phuket International Airport.

The instructors were doctors and nurses from Bangkok Hospital Phuket. The main content of the training was the way to assist people who had cardiac arrests within the first four minutes to avoid brain death which leads to incapability.

There were staff from over 50 organizations attending the training including Thai Airways, Bangkok Air, Air Asia, and Silk Air. The reason was that they wanted to ensure their customers’ safety while flying with their company.


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