Phuket businesses impacted by protests, entrepreneurs ask for help

Kritsada Tansakul, the Vice President of the Phuket Tourism Business Association, said that the current political situation has made Phuket tourism decline further down. The room reservation rate in Phuket dropped to 50%, therefore, he would like the government to stop the political problems and protests as soon as possible, since they directly impact  the tourism situation in Phuket and other tourist spots in Thailand.

Likewise, Krittiya Sangiumkul, the Managing Director of Ban Raya Resort and Spa located on Racha Yai Island, is worried that the disruptions in Bangkok have been affecting tourism business in Phuket. She told us that Japanese and Chinese tourists, who are usually the main customers of her hotel during this time of the year, had already cancelled their reservations. Consequently, the hotel had to promote itself more to other groups of customers like Thai people and Scandinavians.


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