Phuket Public Health Office checks food safety in Phuket City Municipality Market

phuketOn February 1st 2011, Dr.Sak Tanchaiyakul, a doctor from Phuket Public Health Office (PPHO), and PPHO staff visited Phuket City Municipality Market to check food safety and quality. He and his team collected food samples from the market which were then tested a mobile food checking unit. He then handed over a certificate to Somjai Suwansupana, the Mayor of Phuket City Municipality to certify the food safety and quality of the market. Karon Municipality was also given a certificate at the same time.

Dr.Sak said “There are 7 markets receiving the certificate for outstanding food safety and there are another 3 markets receiving the certificate for the best markets on the island. In this visit, PPHO staff collected food from the market to check if the food contains borax, formalin, bleaching substances, insecticides, and others chemicals. There were 27 samples of the food found unsafe. PPHO has informed the related sectors to solve the problem already.”

Moreover, PPHO also campaigned for people not eat too sweet, oily, or salty food; avoid smoking or drinking alcohol beverages, as it is not good for their health and to try to spend more time exercising.


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