Phuket invites people to donate blood and organs in December

phuket donateNalinee Akaradecha, the President of Phuket Red Cross, invited people in Phuket to donate blood in December in order to celebrate H.M. the King’s 83rd birthday anniversary on December 5th. Phuket Province would hold an event celebrating this auspicious occasion on the same day at 8.30am-4.00pm. In the event, the National Blood Service Section Phuket would set up a blood donation booth as well as organs and eyes donation registration service. Moreover, there would be free food for people coming to the event.

Nalinee stressed that there was high demand for blood in the Phuket Blood Service Section since, as the center of blood donation in the Andaman Region, it not only supplies blood to hospitals in Phuket only, it also had to supply blood to the hospitals Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong, Trang, and Satul.

She added that there would be an event to increase blood donations every 3 months. She further invited people to donate their eyes and parts of body in the event held on the day mentioned above or every day in December at the office of the blood service section or the mobile donation booth. For more information, please call 076 211766 (Phuket Red Cross) or 076 251178 press 2 or fax. 076 250185 press 6 (Phuket National Blood Service Section).


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