Consumer Protection Board said Phuket residents complain most about land trading

phuket consumer protection
On August 19th  2010, there was a meeting of the Phuket Consumer Protection Board (CPB) at Phuket Provincial Hall. The main agenda of the meeting was to change the positions of some board members and to report the board’s performance.

In the meeting, the board members reported that they had assigned the government staff in three districts of Phuket to set up at least one consumer protection club in each district. The club would be the center for people in each district to coordinate and help the residents around the area in case that they got problems.

The board’s members also mentioned about issues complained by Phuket residents during April – July 2010. There were 12 complaints. There were two issues cleared, meanwhile the other 10 issues were in consideration. Most of the complaints were related to land trading and unfair land selling contracts.


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